Kinesis partners with Valaurum to produce circulating physical gold bills

London, United Kingdom, July 27th, 2023, FinanceWire

Kinesis Money, the 1:1 gold and silver-backed monetary system, has established a global collaborative relationship with Valaurum, the manufacturer of the patented Aurum® gold bill, to produce a series of Kinesis gold bills containing small, practical amounts of gold for investment portfolios and global spending.

Kinesis and Valaurum will be issuing a line of co-branded “Kinesis Aurum®” with unique custom designs, beginning with two bills containing one-tenth of a gram (100mg) and one gram of gold, respectively. The precise, micro-layer of gold enshrined within the Kinesis Aurum® will be visible from edge to edge throughout each bill, and will enable investors, collectors, and gold enthusiasts to store and use their gold in a new way.

Under the collaboration, the Kinesis Aurum® will be vaulted, minted, and redeemed through the Kinesis Money platform — including as a physical embodiment of the Kinesis gold (KAU) token — and will be fully accepted for deposit and minting in exchange for whole or fractional amounts of KAU. The bills will also be independently marketed and sold through the Kinesis online bullion dealer, the Kinesis Bullion store.

Through the partnership, Kinesis and Valaurum will also collaborate to offer a comprehensive digital and physical gold-based monetary system to governmental entities worldwide and seek to elevate the global positioning of gold as a viable currency.

Additionally, Kinesis will continue to position itself at the forefront of spending gold both physically and digitally, with Kinesis Aurum® offering physical gold spending and the Kinesis Virtual Card offering global, digital spending of KAU.

Thomas Coughlin, Chief Executive Officer of Kinesis Money, said:

“The partnership between Kinesis and Valaurum introduces a revolutionary way for everyone, including governments, collectors, and investors, to own physical Kinesis gold bullion in the form of a convenient bill.

“The Kinesis gold Aurum® provides a new form of currency that can be spendable in the same way as fiat and brings additional use-cases and utility for physical gold bullion.”

Adam Trexler, President of Valaurum, said:

“The partnership between Valaurum and Kinesis connects the emerging standard for physical gold money and affordable gold bullion — the Aurum® — with Kinesis’s class-leading, global digital monetary system, enabling everyone to receive, save, and spend wealth in gold efficiently. We are very excited to be working with Kinesis.”

About Valaurum

Valaurum, Inc., using its proprietary, patented technology, manufactures and distributes the Aurum®, the smallest verifiable unit of gold bullion available on the world market, including legal tender, commemorative, and bullion issuances. Valaurum has manufactured Aurum® containing amounts of gold ranging from 30 milligrams to 1/20 of a troy ounce.

Founded in 2012, Valaurum is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA. For additional information about the company and its products, please visit

About Kinesis

Kinesis Money is a gold and silver-backed monetary system that facilitates the investment, trade, management, and everyday spending of physical precious metals, digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Through its monetary system, users can earn non-debt based yields on physical, allocated gold and silver and spend, save, trade, and redeem their precious metals anytime on a global, low-fee basis.

For more information about Kinesis, please visit

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