Streamlining Back-office to Rails: IntellectEU Launches Catalyst Integration Manager

New York, United States, November 13th, 2023, FinanceWire

The enterprise-grade integration manager for simplified connection with financial messaging networks

IntellectEU, an innovator in digital finance and emerging technologies, is excited to announce the launch of Catalyst Integration Manager (CAT-IM) for (Payment) Rails and blockchain networks, adding to the Catalyst Suite. CAT-IM is an integration manager facilitating connection and communication between disparate applications, databases, systems, and services. Financial institutions need to deal with the processing of proprietary systems, Swift (MT), ISO 20022 messages, and APIs: CAT-IM speeds up and simplifies this process, especially when limited in-house expertise exists. 

CAT-IM is your gateway to different rails, such as Swift message services to support your zero Swift footprint deployment and ISO 20022 native implementation. IntellectEU’s solution empowers the financial services sector to develop distributed business applications and pioneer innovative customer-centric services.

CAT-IM enables business processes to flow smoothly across different software solutions, whether on-premises or in the cloud. The manager gives financial institutions the ability to coordinate complex multi-step, multi-application workflows, design complex customer-specific flows, and streamline the process of integrating with (Payment) Rails and blockchain networks.

Providing integration with (Payment) Rails and APIs for pre-validation, compliance, and more, CAT-IM delivers enterprise-ready out-of-the-box connectors (AMQP, JDBC, HTTP, SMTP, RPC, GraphQL, SOAP, REST, etc.).

The manager features tools for converting data from one format or structure to another and tools to map data fields between different systems, including options for potential data value translations. Supporting ISO 20022 migration with ready-to-use transformations and support for all message types used, for example, on the SWIFT network, including FIN, ISO 15022, and ISO 20022.

“Over the past decade, our team has spearheaded more than 400 client integration projects across 30+ countries. I am thrilled to see this vast wealth of experience and expertise culminate in our cutting-edge Catalyst Integration Manager, empowering our global clients to future-proof their core financial infrastructure,” said Hanna Zubko, Co-founder and CEO, IntellectEU Inc.

With endless translation capabilities for the customer’s specific needs, CAT-IM is precisely the tool financial institutions need for the moment. Speak with IntellectEU specialists to learn how CAT-IM can ease integration and future-proof your financial infrastructure.

IntellectEU is a global technology company focused on digital transformation and emerging technologies for financial services companies across a range of sub-sectors. Since 2006, IntellectEU has designed, built and deployed sustainable technology solutions for clients ranging from market infrastructures and banks to insurance and Fortune 500 companies, harnessing the power of emerging technologies such as Blockchain and DLT, AI, and Quantum Computing. Alongside its customers and partners, IntellectEU co-creates value, building solutions to complex financial industry problems. For more information please visit

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