New York-Based AgentSmyth Launches Autonomous AI Agents for the Finance Sector, Raises $2.5M in Seed Funding from Industry Veterans

New York, NY, USA, April 17th, 2024, FinanceWire

AgentSmyth, a leading agent technology firm located in New York, recently introduced an innovative advancement in the financial sector with its autonomous AI agents. Founded in March 2024 by a skilled team comprising serial entrepreneur and technologist Pulkit Jaiswal, and Wall Street veterans Daniel McCooey and Mike Block, AgentSmyth is now a major player in financial-sector automation technology. The company’s foundation is strengthened by its founders’ expertise in various fields, including buy and sell-side equity trading, venture capital, and the application of agent-based LLM methodologies to comprehensive financial data sets. In a short time, AgentSmyth has attracted significant support, securing $2.5 million in seed funding from notable industry experts like Michael Rafferty, CEO of Rafferty Holdings and investor in fintech companies, and Craig Milias, former portfolio manager of Platte River Capital. This funding reflects the financial sector’s confidence in AgentSmyth’s innovative approach to AI-driven financial analysis and decision-making.

Pulkit Jaiswal, co-CEO of AgentSmyth, stated, “In a world increasingly influenced by generative AI, the advantage lies not only in having extensive data sets but also in the ability to pose intelligent questions to extract valuable insights. This is particularly vital in finance, where the depth of inquiry shapes the caliber of data-driven decisions. AgentSmyth aims to be the essential tool for financial professionals, providing automated, context-sensitive financial information analysis.”

Jaiswal’s experience in utilizing non-traditional data for financial analytics, combined with his recognitions from MIT Innovators Under 35 and Forbes 30 Under 30, positions him as a key asset to the company. Daniel McCooey, co-CEO of AgentSmyth adds “Our team’s profound comprehension of both the buy-side and sell-side demands allows us to tailor our AI agents to not just meet but anticipate and surpass the expectations of financial professionals. It’s this alignment with the sector’s core needs that truly sets AgentSmyth apart and defines our path forward.” Daniel brings a wealth of experience from over two decades on Wall Street, coupled with significant insights from his tenure in sell-side sales and trading, hedge funds, and venture capital.

AgentSmyth stands out by creating smart autonomous agents that act as specialized team members, revolutionizing coordination in finance. This includes macro research, expertise at both the ticker and sector levels, and monitoring of unusual option flow analysis, all while delivering tick-by-tick narratives. According to Michael Rafferty, CEO of Rafferty Holdings, “AgentSmyth’s A.I. agents are akin to data detectives that give you an angle your market competitors simply don’t have. It’s a game-changer!”.

As the pioneering provider of end-to-end autonomous agents in finance, AgentSmyth is on track to become a global leader in financial analysis. The company offers its services at competitive rates. Unlimited consultations with agents cost just $30 per day and custom services, with agents working with your proprietary data, cost $60 per day. Henry Mulholland, trustee for Direxion Funds and former head of the Americas Equities for BAML, said “AgentSmyth represents the ultimate sales and trading tool. The ability to access such focused information in seconds will significantly increase market share.” 

This summer, the company is set to enhance its product offerings with an array of new features, aiming to deepen integration within the operations of our initial clients. AgentSmyth’s strategy includes targeting sales traders first, followed by a focus on asset managers. To refine offerings, AgentSmyth will be conducting a trial run with a selection of twelve firms during this period. “Drawing on two decades of experience in equity trading and a diverse array of roles across the financial spectrum, I am excited to lead AgentSmyth in revolutionizing how sales traders and wealth managers use AI. Our solutions are not only industry-first but also deeply aligned with the industry’s real-world pulse,” added Michael Block, Co-Founder and CSO of AgentSmyth.

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