FXIFY Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary: Establishing Itself as an Industry Leader

London, United Kingdom, May 1st, 2024, FinanceWire

On the 1st of May, 2024, FXIFY™ celebrated its 1-year anniversary, marking a significant year of growth and milestones. In their debut year, FXIFY paid over $8,700,000 to their funded traders, facilitated over $1.7 trillion in trading volume across challenge and funded accounts, and had over 80,000 account signups. This momentum reflects FXIFY’s unique approach to prop trading. As Bobby Winters, Co-Founder of FXIFY and CEO of FXPIG, puts it:

“FXIFY has made a big impact in just a year. We attribute it to one thing: genuinely putting traders first. We listen to what our traders want. They demand the best prop trading experience — we offer instant payouts on demand, a wide range of evaluation programs, unique addons, and the best trading platforms and execution in the market. When a community of traders sees this, word spreads fast.”

Celebrating its first anniversary, FXIFY has gained global recognition and trust. After International Business Magazine awarded FXIFY “Best Trading Tailored Account Provider UK 2023” and “Leading Prop Trading Firm 2023”, more traders are recognizing FXIFY as an industry leader. FXIFY is committed to expanding its product offerings and platforms to give its clients the best prop trading experience. 

FXIFY provides trading capital of up to $400,000 with up to a 90% performance split, and instant payouts on demand. This means traders can request and receive a payout on the first day of trading a live-funded account. FXIFY also offers some of the most popular trading platforms in the market. Whatever your trading style or approach, they provide customizable programs that cater to a wide variety of needs. This includes 1, 2, and 3 phase programs with tailored account types and add-ons. Elaborating on their motto “Built for Traders, Backed by a Broker”, Bobby Winters explains:

“It is our 20 years of experience in the forex brokerage industry that sets us apart from other prop firms. We know what it takes to give our clients the best experience, from trading platforms, execution, customer support, and evaluation programs. This gives our traders the confidence they need to navigate this rapidly changing and growing environment so they can focus on what’s important to them – trading and payouts.”

As part of a brokerage group, FXIFY is uniquely positioned to leverage their extensive experience to sustain strong growth over the next year. Their broker experience and backing is the driver behind their ability to deliver top notch trading conditions to their clients. From reliable and timely payouts, to trade execution and exceptional customer support, traders globally recognize FXIFY as a leader in this space. 

About FXIFY:

FXIFY™ is an industry-leading prop firm that empowers talented individuals with trading capital. Traders get to showcase their unique strategies and trading skills through the firm’s rigorous evaluation process. Successful traders who pass the evaluation will gain access to an FXIFY™ live-funded account up to $400,000 with the opportunity to earn up to 90% Performance Split and request their first payout on demand.

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