DCG, Crypto.com and Velocity Back NATIX, the AI Camera & Drivers-Powered DePIN with Funding

Hamburg, Germany, May 15th, 2024, FinanceWire

Following a successful $4.6M Strategic Round, NATIX welcomes DCG, Crypto.com, and Velocity Capital as investors in its mission to revolutionize the geospatial data industry with innovative web3 incentives

NATIX Network, an AI-based platform that utilizes edge computing to collect real-time geospatial data, recently announced the close of a $4.6M strategic round, backed by leading investors in blockchain and Web3, and today DCG, Crypto.com, and Velocity (formerly Hailstone Labs) are welcomed as additional investors. 

These new funders are joining the impressive list of investors who put their trust in NATIX, following a successful $4.6 million strategic funding round, which completes aggregate funding of $9.6 million for NATIX, which was highlighted as one of the fastest-growing DePINs globally in Messari’s state of DePIN 2023 report, NATIX has attracted in one year over 100,000 registered drivers who have covered more than 35 million kilometers.

NATIX is driving innovation in the geospatial analytics market, which is projected to exceed $200B by 2033, as big tech companies have created centralized monopolies that limit access and hinder innovation in map data. NATIX empowers individuals through Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePINs), and through its flagship product, “Drive&,” that leverages smartphone cameras and driver assistant apps such as dashcams and navigation, combined with innovative incentive mechanisms and privacy-respecting computer vision AI, to crowdsource real-time data. 

“NATIX is quickly becoming a leading force in DePIN and AI innovation, making use of the latest in technological advancement to being Web3 to the masses,” said Alireza Ghods, NATIX’s CEO and co-founder. “With the backing of the new investors joining on board, NATIX is committed now more than ever to take charge and continue to scale and bring more utility to drivers than ever before. The trust we receive across the board from every new name joining us is invaluable to our efforts.”

“We are happy to support NATIX in its mission to spearhead DePIN and Web3 innovation, tapping into the potential of AI and smartphone cameras to make it accessible to everyone,” said Anna Bertha, investor at DCG. “We firmly believe in NATIX and its experienced roster to continue and steer this project in the right direction, using the geospatial data collected by the NATIX network to improve the infrastructure around us, train new AI models, and lay the groundwork for future innovative models in the industry.”

NATIX recently announced its native token $NATIX on Solana, enabling new monetization avenues for drivers and in-platform governance and offering drivers premium features like airdrops, staking for data validators, and greater involvement in governance. NATIX also leverages peaq’s modular DePIN functions, multi-chain ID, and data verification, to enhance its architecture and solidify a prominent role in Peaq’s extensive DePIN ecosystem.

Drivers can download the NATIX Drive& app from the App Store or Play Store to start mapping and earning rewards.

About NATIX 

Founded in Hamburg in 2020, NATIX is a decentralized network of smart cameras. NATIX’s AI-powered app uses the phone’s camera to detect objects, collect real-time geospatial data, and map the world around us in a completely decentralized space – no additional hardware needed. NATIX’s solution leverages edge computing to analyze the data and ensure that no personal data is collected – by design. Network contributors are rewarded with NATIX’s native cryptocurrency, $NATIX, to support better driving-assistant applications (dashcam, navigation, parking availability, etc.) and improve the mapping infrastructure around us. For more information visit www.natix.network  

About DCG

Founded in 2015 by Barry Silbert, DCG is a global enterprise that builds, buys, and invests in blockchain companies all over the world. As the most active investor in the blockchain space, DCG sits at the epicenter of the industry, backing more than 200 companies in 35+ countries. In addition to its investment portfolio, DCG is the parent company of a number of subsidiaries including Grayscale Investments, Foundry, and Luno.

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