Rootz LTD Successfully Defends Trademarks and Domains Against Blackhat Affiliate Attacks

Birkirkara, Malta, February 16th, 2024, FinanceWire

Ensuring good corporate governance involves maintaining accessible records, such as trademark registration dates and proof of domain name purchases associated with the trademark. A case is Rootz LTD, the parent platform of numerous online casinos. Rootz recently demonstrated securing the various versions of its brand domain name, including the acquisition of related domains such as This strategic move aimed to direct customers searching for under the term “casino” to the correct address, safeguarding the company’s brand and avoiding confusion. A domain name holds significant importance for any business as it represents the unique name associated with a physical IP address online. Whether it’s found after the “@” in email addresses or after “www” in web addresses, it plays a vital role. Acquiring a domain name involves visiting a domain host or registrar, searching for an available name, and paying a small annual fee to become the rightful owner.

Rootz LTD’s Battle Against Blackhat Marketing Tactics

Keeping accessible records, such as trademark registration dates and proof of domain name purchases, is a key aspect of good corporate governance. A prime example of this is Rootz LTD, a parent platform to several online casinos. Rootz took proactive measures to secure different versions of its brand domain name, including acquiring related domains like This strategic move aimed to direct customers searching for under the term “casino” to the correct address, safeguarding the brand and minimizing confusion.

However, amidst efforts to protect domain names, companies face threats from unscrupulous competitors who employ deceptive marketing practices known as “Blackhat Marketing.” In December 2020, Rootz brands became targets for blackhat affiliate marketing companies due to significant search volumes in Germany. These malicious actors launched Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and attempted to advertise a competitor using nearly identical names. Fortunately, Rootz diligently monitored site traffic and managed the attacks, ensuring minimal impact on their brand and customers.

Adjudication Panel Validates Rootz’s Domain Name Ownership Right

To address disputes related to domain name ownership, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) provides the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP Policy). This legal framework assists in resolving conflicts between domain name registrants and third parties over the abusive registration and usage of a domain name. Recently, Rootz faced a dispute over confusingly similar names and ownership rights, resulting in the adjudication panel ruling in their favor and confirming their right to ownership of the disputed domain name.

Protecting a brand and maintaining a positive reputation is vital for avoiding such attacks and ensuring customer loyalty. By maintaining thorough records and ownership proof, companies can mitigate the impact of these attacks and save valuable time that would otherwise be spent in lengthy legal battles. The assurance of ownership allows companies to emerge victorious and maintain a positive reputation in the market.

About Rootz LTD

Founded by a team of seasoned iGaming professionals, Rootz prioritizes innovative and efficient programming, visually stunning graphics, and immersive content, resulting in a gaming platform that provides an unrivaled online gaming experience. Rootz is an iGaming company based in Malta, catering to Scandinavian, German, Canadian, and various other European and international markets. Established in 2018 by a team of gaming experts, Rootz has emerged as the parent platform for five superior online casinos: Wildz, Wheelz, Spinz, Caxino, and Chipz. These platforms offer entertainment across multiple global markets. The company distinguishes itself with a philosophy centered on quality rather than quantity. While other iGaming companies resort to an abundance of personnel to overcome obstacles, Rootz embraces automation to eliminate redundant processes. By prioritizing efficiency and staying focused on its mission, Rootz approaches iGaming with skilled professionals, cutting-edge systems and programming, and a keen eye for future trends and challenges.

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