8081.io announces the prelaunch of its automated trading platform for cryptocurrency

San Francisco, California, January 30th, 2024, FinanceWire

8081.io Redefines Crypto Trading with Advanced AI/ML Automation

In a landmark development, 8081.io, a leader in cryptocurrency trading automation, today announced the pre-launch of its state-of-the-art automated trading platform. Armed with advanced AI/ML technology, this platform is meticulously crafted to serve the unique needs of both traditional retail investors and institutional licensed brokers. Poised to lead the upcoming global surge in crypto adoption, 8081.io combines user-friendly design with sophisticated technology.

Confronting the trust issues and asset selection uncertainties that have long plagued the crypto industry, 8081.io set out to serve as a beacon of innovation and dependability. This strategic positioning is further bolstered by the recent introduction of a Bitcoin ETF, highlighting the sector’s growing mainstream acceptance.

Ronen Cojocaru, CEO of 8081.io, states: “8081.io is set to bridge the gap between traditional investors and licensed brokers, thereby establishing a strong foundation of trust in the marketplace. Our platform’s uniqueness lies in its seamless investment management capabilities, which merge advanced automation with professional broker expertise. This approach guarantees that users retain control over their funds at their preferred custodian exchanges. Our aim is to broaden the crypto adoption spectrum by forging partnerships with key major exchanges and brokerage firms worldwide.”

Introducing the 8081.io Automated Platform

Today’s announcement signals the introduction of the 8081.io automated trading platform, a groundbreaking innovation in crypto trading for both retail and licensed brokers. The platform facilitates uninterrupted portfolio management, freeing users from the necessity of constant oversight. Initially compatible with four major exchanges, 8081.io is planning an expansion to include 18, significantly enhancing trading possibilities.

Ronen Cojocaru adds: “Our team, including an elite design team and top-notch developers and crypto market experts, has devoted the past year to refining our platform with a strong focus on user experience. We are excited to unveil a solution that significantly improves both the efficiency and accessibility of crypto trading.”

About 8081.io

Founded in December 2022 by seasoned professionals from the cryptocurrency and technology industries, 8081.io‘s mission is to demystify crypto trading and build bridges between traditional brokers and investors. The platform uses AI and ML for strategic, personalized trading, catering to a wide range of trading expertise. The founding and member teams, boasting backgrounds in prominent companies such as AT&T, Cisco, and Charles Schwab, offer a rich blend of finance and technology expertise, having pioneered extensive blockchain integrations across various platforms.

The Future of 8081.io

Currently in stealth mode and exclusively available to select partners and institutions, 8081.io is already managing several million dollars in daily trades. 8081.90 invites interested individuals and organizations to join the waiting list for early access.

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Disclaimer: Trading in cryptocurrencies involves inherent risks. 8081.io does not provide financial advice. Users are advised to conduct their own research and assess their risk tolerance prior to trading.

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