CUDIS Ring Elevates the Wellness Game with the Ultimate Web3 Wearable Experience

New York, USA, April 17th, 2024, FinanceWire

The future of wearable technology is user owned, monetizable data

BeatBit Wellness Lab unveiled today the CUDIS ring, a web3 Oura ring competitor and Solana-based wearable that privately monitors your physical well-being to access a trove of biometric insights, paired with a personal AI coach that dynamically customizes itself for the individual user. Unlike other wearables like Oura ring that charge for in-depth insights and coaching, CUDIS boasts a rewards mechanism that will allow users to both monetize their health data and offer them the ability to access premium membership features via their upcoming app, unlocking more value without accruing additional costs.

“Current smart ring manufacturers have created a system in which the user’s data is made accessible and monetizable for the benefit of the company and not the user,” shared Edison Chen, CEO of BeatBit, the creative force behind CUDIS. “What’s worse, users looking to enjoy deeper insights and personalized programs need to pay additional membership fees. We want to turn this on its head and, naturally, blockchain technology offers a path towards this.”

Part of Foresight Ventures’ accelerator program, CUDIS is the newest addition in the burgeoning DePIN sector – leveraging Web3 to create a shared-value data network, where users can contribute their wellness data to support global research and development. The CUDIS ring privately encrypts users’ wellness data that is indexed on the Solana blockchain and stored on IPFS where it is anonymized and used to train customizable AI modules that synthesize and generate personal insights on users’ overall mental and physical performance.

“I’m very excited about the wearable DePIN space, especially in relation to fitness and wellness. Although not wearables, teams like Stepn and Sweatcoin have demonstrated a product-market fit. Beyond general health monitoring that wearable devices offer, I’m also interested in seeing how CUDIS ring will be leveraged for proof of humanity and other in-real-life concepts that can be verified” said Dare Sobande, BD at Solana Foundation (DePIN).

CUDIS elevates first-gen wearable tech with web3 incentives and AI to foster a participatory wellness ecosystem. Featuring a design that’s both stylish and functional, the company also aims to seamlessly integrate today’s modern digital lifestyle across various high-tech products like the Solana Saga phone, Ledger Stax, and Crypto Kicks, the native Web 3 sneaker by Nike & RTFKT, pushing the boundaries in connected wellness experiences. 

The unveiling of the CUDIS Ring was a highlight at the Solana Hacker House, attracting over 200 participants eager to get a firsthand look at the future of wellness technology. The closing party held at the prestigious Lamborghini Lounge, brought together luxury lifestyle brands such as Roger Dubuis, and top Solana projects like Marinade, Bonk, Solflare, DeGods and more. 

“I tested the Cudis ring at the Solana hacker house in New York last month. The nice thing about onboarding any users is it’s as easy as putting on a ring. Very promising, can’t wait to see more,” said Michael Repetny, core contributor to Marinade Finance.

“Upon first trying the ceramic ring, I was struck by its elegant design and comfortable fit. Its innovative use of blockchain technology for secure personal data storage not only elevates the wearable tech experience but also enhances privacy and security, marking a revolutionary fusion of style and advanced technology,” said Chen Q., Sales and Client Experience Manager at Roger Dubuis 

CUDIS has opened a waitlist on their website for early subscribers looking to acquire the first 10,000 rings that are set to roll out in Q2, with another 1M+ rings scheduled to be released in tranches over the next 18 months. Existing Solana token holders will have the advantage of staking their SOL as a way to purchase the ring via cascading interest returns. The team will release more details on this initiative later during the month of June. 

“Truthfully I’ve always been interested in the Oura ring but never got myself to buy one. CUDIS ring was an instant purchase the minute I saw it at their event in NYC. From a design perspective, the sleekness and fun rotating feature drew me in right away but the tech made it a no brainer. As someone that has been in the space for over three years, the mix of AI, owning your data & wear to earn intrigued me the most. I can’t wait to receive mine!” said Sunny, President of DeGods.

“The coolest smart ring out there! Aside from a natural talk-starter, it generates tokens, too,” added Tony Gu, Founding partner of NGC.

Stay tuned as CUDIS redefines wellness, making it more interactive, rewarding, and integrated with the digital age. Sign up today at:

About BeatBit

BeatBit Wellness Lab is at the forefront of merging wellness with advanced technology. The CUDIS Ring is the first product in our commitment to empower individuals with the tools they need for a healthier future. 


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